One-Time Charge for Lagoon Repairs Posted: June 30, 2011

A portion of Phase 1 of the project is the remediation of the existing White City lagoons.  The remediation has been budgeted at a cost of $1,610,000.  The Wastewater Authority was successful at receiving a grant for a portion of Phase 1 of the project.  After application of the grant the total cost of the restoration of the White City lagoons comes to approximately $515,000.  This cost will be recovered from existing White City residents.  This will be the only cost of Phase 1 of the project that will be paid for by the White City residents.  The remainder of the costs for Phase 1 of the wastewater expansion will be recovered through Development Levies from new development.

Therefore, you will notice an increase to the Base Tax of $590 for 2011.  This is a one-time increase and will be removed next year.

The Municipal mill rate for 2011 will remain the same at 6.2 mills.  The School Diviison mill rate has been reduced by 5.6% to 9.51 mills.  This reduction in tax will help offset the cost of the one-time increase to the Base Tax.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the lagoon remediation or the Base Tax, please contact the White City Town Office.