White Butte Recreation and Leisure Survey Posted: April 24, 2012 White Butte was created through the partnership of: White City, the RM of Edenwold, Pilot Butte, Balgonie, and the Village of Edenwold. Rather than a geographic location, White Butte is an organization which enables the five communities involved to work together on the development of joint programs, services, and projects. 


One area of common interest is ensuring coordination of recreational and leisure services to offer area residents access to a broader range of programming in an efficient and eff­ective manner.  As a first step, it is important to have a good understanding of the recreation leisure activities that individuals and families in the five communities are currently involved with and those activities which may be of interest.  In order to gather this information the White Butte Committee will be conducting a household “Recreation and Leisure Survey”.  Your participation in the survey is important.  


More details on how to access and complete the survey will be available over the next few weeks.