Open Air Fires Posted: April 23, 2010

In 2006 the Town of White City introduced a Bylaw that would allow residents the enjoyment of open air fires.  In drafting the Bylaw, Council recognized the recreational enjoyment that an open air fire offers but also understood that many residents have sensitivities to air born materials.  In consideration of this, Council approved a Bylaw that restricts fuel that can be used for open air fires to charcoal, cut wood or manufactured fire logs.  The Bylaw, formally referred to as Bylaw No. 470-06, strictly prohibits the burning of the following materials;

·         Waste including rubbish, slimes, tailings, garbage, garden refuse or leaves;

·         Any material classified by the town of White City as hazardous materials or dangerous good;

·         Any material that generates black smoke or an offensive odour when burned including, but not limited to, insulation from electrical wiring, rubber tires, asphalt shingles, hydrocarbons, plastics, and lumber treated with wood preservatives.

Please enjoy the benefits that come with open air fires but be respectful of your neighbor and mindful of the Bylaw by burning the appropriate fuel.