Town of White City Proclaims June to be Brain Injury Awareness Month Posted: June 16, 2017

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Today and throughout the month of June throughout Canada, the Saskatchewan Brain Injury Association and the Brain Injury Association of Canada designate June as National Brain Injury Awareness Month to increase awareness of the effects and causes of acquired brain injury across Canada.

As incredible as this may sound, brain injury in Canada is a silent epidemic.  More than one million Canadians live with its effects.  Worldwide, brain injury is the number one killer and disabler of youth, including people under the age of 44.  Statistics further indicate that incidences are two times greater within the male population.

The social, emotional and economic consequences of brain injury are in fact devastating, not only to the survivors themselves, but to family members, caregivers, support workers and the community at large.  Currently, there are no drugs or techniques that can cure a brain injury.

Prevention is the ONLY cure.

Falls, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, cycling accidents, strokes, tumours, aneurysms, and anoxic incidents are all leading causes of brain injuries in Canada.

I encourage all members of this town, to become involved with community brain injury associations and to listen to the stories as survivors and family members speak about the support and guidance they have received.


Signed Proclamation