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Are you ready to bring your bright ideas to life in our vibrant community? White City is happy to have you! Let's get your journey started with a business license.

Why a Business License?

Getting your business license is like unlocking the official welcome mat to our Town! It's the key that opens doors to pursuing your passions and dreams while being part of our bustling local scene. Plus, it helps keep things running smoothly and legally – win-win!

How to Apply

Step right up, future business moguls! Applying for your license is a breeze. Click on the links below to access the PDF forms:

  1. Decide if your business is home-based or not and choose the appropriate PDF.
  2. Fill out the PDF with your information so we can easily reach out to you.
  3. Email the completed form to the Town Office at or drop off the form in-person at the Town Office!

Home-Based Businesses

If your business operates from the comfort of your humble abode, we've got a special application just for you. Heads up, home-based ventures need to be approved by Council before they are allowed to operate in White City. This approval is necessary because home-based business' are listed under a discretionary use for residential districts as outlined in the Zoning Bylaw.

Renewals Made Easy

Once you're in the business groove, don't forget about your yearly renewal! We'll send you a reminder with all the instructions needed to keep your license up-to-date. This is why it's important to include an email address you regularly check when you submit your business license application so we can continue to stay in touch when it comes time to renew your license!

For other inquiries and further information, please contact the Town Office at phone at 306-781-2355.

View the full Business License Bylaw here.