Town Centre Neighborhood Plan

Neighbourhood or Community Plans are important documents that guide growth and development within individual neighbourhoods. The Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan (TCNP) is the first neighbourhood plan in the Town of White City and aims to direct the growth and development of the "Heart of our Community".

The Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan is the guiding document that gives direction to the development of the cultural and entertainment centre of White City and Emerald Park.  Services and cultural amenities are proposed uses for the Town Centre. Multi-use civic facilities for performing arts, gallery space, community space and general entertainment space combined with facilities such as the library, museum, fieldhouse, indoor swimming pool, and track, will support and enhance this great community.

 Report: Town Centre Neighbourhood Plan

Town Centre

The Town Centre is envisioned to enhance the lifestyle and broaden the services available to community residents.  The Town Centre will offer a central location for future development, this central location will house professional services, retail, residential and office accommodation, entertainment, food and beverage services, grocery, art and cultural facilities in a small-town neighbourly style.  It will incorporate wide sidewalks suitable for outdoor patios, walking paths, green spaces, parks and a water feature along Chukka Creek.  The TCNP and the Official Community Plan (OCP) exist to guide the vision of planned and managed growth to provide peaceful living with high quality, affordable, family-oriented services and wide-open spaces.  Small town atmosphere with big city amenities is what community living should be – meeting the needs and enhancing the quality of life for all.