Block Party & Street Play

The purpose of a Block Party is to build connections and relationships between neighbours living on the same street. The idea of a Street Play is to bring neighbours together for celebration or play. They allow neighbours to play together on residential streets closed off to vehicle traffic.


Note: The Town both supports Block Party and Street Play gatherings through planning, operations, and permitting.  

The Block Party and Play Street programs are intended for residents living on the same street or neighbourhood and are not intended for larger events that invite the general public to attend.

Block Parties

Types of Block gatherings include:

Block Socials: 10-30 neighbours living in the same area coming together on someone’s property (example: driveway, living room, garage, yard, condo building). Does not involve road closures. No Town permit is required.

Single-Street Block Party:  25-75 neighbours from the same street, cul-de-sac or floor in a building. Involves closing the road in front of their homes. Town permit is required.

Neighbourhood-Wide Block Party: 50-200 neighbours from the same area coming together on their street and inviting residents of the neighbourhood or building. Town permit is required.

For detailed information, see Guidelines.

Apply for a Block Party/Street Play Permit

Street Play

A play street is a gathering of neighbours from the same area to increase play opportunities and connection on a residential street by closing it off to vehicle traffic.

Remember shouting “CAR!” in the middle of a street hockey game? Hosting a play street means that adults and children can play safely together.

The size of the gathering will depend on the types of play activities created. 

For detailed information, see Guidelines.


Ready to Plan a Neighbour Gathering?

The planning process follows 5 basic steps:

  1. Determine the size and type of gathering.
    • Block Party events range from the minimum 10 persons (Block Social) to a maximum of 200 persons (Neighbourhood-Wide Block Party)
    • Street Play gatherings (size depends on the types of play activities planned)
  2. Pick a location. It can be:
    • Online: host a Virtual Block Party. No Town permit is required
    • On Private Property: host a Block Social in a neighbour’s driveway, yard, garage or condo complex. No Town permit is required.
    • On a Street or Alley: host a gathering on a roadway. Town permit is required. This grants you access to the space requested.
  3. Decide on the timing of your gathering. Pick a date and time that works best for your neighbours. Temporary road closures can take place between 9am and 11pm, so we recommend winding down by 10pm.
  4. Plan activities with your neighbours. Find out what activities they are interested in, get permission for any planned temporary street closure, if applicable, and ask for their input. Consider ways to highlight the gifts of your nighbours, celebrate neighbourhood life and build connections.
  5. Submit an application. If your gathering involves a road closure, submit your Block Party / Street Play Application at least 14 days before your gathering date, in order to process your temporary road closure permit. Submission does not mean approval or that your proposed location or date are confirmed. If your request is approved, temporary road closure permits are free and you may confirm details with your neighbours.

6 Reasons You Need a Neighbourhood Block Party of Street Play

  1. Fosters a strong and sage community.
  2. Strengthens and reinforces social bonds.
  3. Can start a trend and create a tradition.
  4. Provides support to newcomers.
  5. Build trust.
  6. Encourages fun and happiness.