Parking Tips, Regulation & Bylaws

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Per Bylaw No. 698-23, The Traffic Bylaw, No parking is permitted on any street within the Town except where:

  • a temporary on-street parking relaxation has been issued; or
  • or in specifically designated areas in new developments including Royal Park and Picasso Pathways.

Pedestrians and vehicles sharing the road is part of the safe, small-town vibe that means so much to us here. To keep our streets safe for everyone, we kindly ask residents and their guests not to park in the street. Vehicles parked on the road could get a warning or even a ticket from the Community Safety Officer.

That being said, we know that life happens. If you’re pouring or sealing your driveway, or having a ton of company, and parking in the street is unavoidable, the Town has some recommendations to make everything run better for everyone:

  • Use as much of your driveway as you can. If you’re pouring or sealing your driveway, try to park directly in front of it.
  • Be sure to tell your neighbours! Let them know you’ll be pouring your driveway or hosting lots of guests and that street parking is unavoidable. Maybe even invite them to the party!
  • Coordinate your guests! To keep traffic flowing smoothly, get everyone in your group to park on the same side of the street.
  • Get your guests to carpool! There will be fewer cars in the streets, and they’ll get all of the boring anecdotes out of the way on the drive over.
  • Don’t leave your vehicle on the street after a snowfall. The price of any ticket you get will still be lower than the price you’ll pay with your neighbours when they find out you messed up snow removal!
  • Give the Town Office a call and let us know when and where you’re puttin’ on the Ritz, and we’ll let the Community Safety Officer know so they won’t issue tickets — as long as you don’t park overnight.