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The Town of White City currently establishes procedures and protocols either through the adoption of a bylaw, when required by The Municipalities Act (the act), or a policy. These documents are council statements that set standards for the performance of the town as a whole, and guidelines for the manner in which town initiatives and activities will be carried out. Bylaws and policies address recurrent issues to provide broad guidelines setting out the level and manner of service the town will perform to.

As administration continues to work toward the strategic goal of operational excellence and the objective to create a regulatory environment that represents the community’s interests The Municipal Policy Statement was developed to establish:

  • a definition of municipal policies, directives and procedures;
  • guidelines for the appropriate type of document required; and
  • principles for policy development.

The purpose of the policy statement is to establish a framework to organize and present the town’s current and future policies, directives and procedures in a manner that will be easy to follow, approve, locate and will set out whether responsibility for approval rests with council or the town manager.

Policies and directives are useful to assist administration in making decisions that require judgement on the part of the employee. The policy or directive provides guidance and consistency when carrying out the discretionary duties that council or the town manager has chosen to address.