Meet Town Council

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Mayor Brian Fergusson
p: 306-536-9419
Deputy Mayor Rebecca Otitoju
p: 306-501-0744
Councillor Andrew Boschman
p: 306-737-6636
Councillor Bill Krzysik
p: 306-527-9904
Councillor Kris Moen
p: 306-527-3637
Councillor Scott Moskal
p: 306-550-1516

Councillor Hal Zorn
p: 306-536-7719

Public Disclosure Statements (PDS) report on certain personal and family investments a member of council might hold.  Each member of council is required to complete their PDS within 30 days of being elected.  Members of council are also required to update their PDS annually; however, if any material changes occur during the year, the council member is required to declare this information within 30 days of the change.  

Click on the year to see each councillor's public disclosure statement:

Brian Fergusson2020202120222023
Rebecca Otitoju2020202120222023
Andrew Boschman2020202120222023
William "Bill" Krzysik2020202120222023
Kristopher "Kris" Moen2020202120222023
Scott Moskal2020202120222023
Henry "Hal" Zorn2020202120222023